Jonathan Rose Designsfrom the woods

The client who commissioned this table was building a new extension to their home which incorporated an interesting connecting room also to be used as a dining room. They also had wood from trees that had been growing on the family land for several generations and being able to use it for furniture was important. The resulting boards were conditioned in the client’s loft for several months which ensured they were acclimatised to the conditions of the room they were to be used in.

The new dining room had a door at either end and also acted as a corridor. There was a shelf along the long wall for serving and storage which meant that the table top could be narrower than a standard 1.5m. Fortunate really because there wasn’t much long material to work with.

So after the presentation of three models of possible tables the client settled on this one. They liked its boat like qualities, plus the emphasis on the woods.

The table was made by Tom Ironside Furniture at Finzean. He has the manpower, skills and space to make something of this scale: a 10-seater dining table over three metres long.

The table is now part of the family furniture and is becoming like the older pieces they already own: well used and familiar.