Jonathan Rose DesignDanish Disrupted Collaboration

From Design Junction 2018 comes a collaboration for Danish Disrupted. Angie Parker’s immediate response to the collection was of its potential for her weaving. A dramatic and unrestrained celebration of colour and a passion for her craft brings together this new work for Spotlight at Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

Angie uses a traditional Scandinavian weave in order to show these vivid colours. It takes three throws of the shuttle for every one of a conventional weave, which makes a luxurious and strong finish to the fabric.

The colours for these pieces came from local graffiti in Bristol seen by Angie each day on her way to her studio.  

The chairs are finished with a filled grain, deep blue black stain and a matt lacquer, providing the strength and colour for a gallery or home environment.

More of these chairs are available to commission. Contact Angie or Jonathan.